Spring is in the Air: Time for another #ISMTeachMeet

My school community is filled with educators who come from a range of backgrounds and have a wide variety of expertise so it would be foolish for us not to take advantage of such a skilled and knowledgeable bunch of teachers and encourage a professional sharing practice.

John Jones, @mrjonesICT, and I first introduced the idea of a TeachMeet to the ISM teaching community well over a year ago. Our first session was met with a mixture of extreme caution, some resistance but mostly curiousity and enthusiasm.  We welcomed some risk-taking teachers to stand up and share their experiences, wisdom, learning and innovative ideas to colleagues. They led the way in ensuring that gradually TeachMeets are becoming part of our School community culture.

2013-10-09 15.58.57

Many teachers found it an enlightening experience to hear what fellow colleagues who they share their morning break with every day actually find useful, engaging tools to inspire learning in the classroom. Since then the #ISMTeachMeet has gained momentum and we have scheduled to have these school-wide at least once a term. Our Spring TeachMeet is lining up to have everything from Design Learning presented by Jen Rhodes @JenRhodes to using Pinterest & Smore to create and share revision guides by Michael Cotgrave @Miclaaa.

Now, my next thought is how about we create a StudentMeet for teachers and students! Why don’t we ask students to present for 2 or 5 minutes about the technology tools and learning practices that engage and inspire them in their everyday learning….. Wouldn’t it make sense to hear what they find successful? My next goal has been set!

2 responses to “Spring is in the Air: Time for another #ISMTeachMeet”

  1. Great to see the ISM TeachMeet is still going strong. Well done Jenny, it’s great to see that your passion for sharing new ideas is still helping ISM to develop. I hope your enthusiasm and commitment to CPD is shared by the other members of the ISM SLT. Those that believe there is no room for improvement are frequently the ones that require it the most.


    1. Thanks, John! This time at the TeachMeet I hope to share some of the ideas you shared with me previously about live blogging and TouchCast – the learning continues! Absolutely, an open-minded attitude to learning from each other is the key to improvement and it is so important to have collegial support for one another in this area to implement lasting, meaningful professional learning.


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