Fostering Home Languages

The below resources are a growing bank of ideas to support fostering home language and developing intercultural understanding in your school community.

Children’s Literature

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Resource Compilations, Articles & Research

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Articles & Research

An article providing reasoning as to why we should prioritise being inclusive of home languages and fostering these in our learning communities.

This article focuses on language inclusivity and how focus and value needs to be placed on home/first/mother-tongue/indigenous languages.

This article explores language development and multilingualism.

Useful Websites

A fantastic website with research, resources and practical advice about how to promote and support the development of intercultural understanding. This is a great community space with opportunities to engage and learn together.

A wonderful resource with practical advice, activities and teaching resources to use in classrooms.

A comprehensive resource space for K – 12 educators providing teaching resources, professional growth opportunities along with research to address all aspects of inclusivity in learning.

A wonderful array of resources for families, teachers and schools promoting multilingualism and focused on supporting intercultural understanding.

PEaCH offers guidance on how to support, maintain and develop a child’s multilingual skills.