Multilingual Learning Resources

Honouring Home Languages

I believe honouring all languages in our communities is essential to elevate learning and ensure equity. This page aims to provide a constantly updated range of resources, including links, ideas and tools for individuals to take away and apply in their learning community. There are a mixture of resources for both teaching professionals and families to delve into. Please do share any comments, requests or ideas via the feedback button below.

Children’s Literature

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Honouring Our Names

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Online Resources

Websites to explore


Alien Citizen: An Earth Odyssey

A wonderful film that captures the personal experience of growing up among, between, and of, different languages and cultures. The link below takes you to the website which offers a range of rich resources to explore and discuss the range of topics that the film brings forth.

Alien Citizen: An Earth Odyssey is like an anthem for those who grow up internationally… Elizabeth Liang’s gripping film and performance is a godsend for international educators grappling to find creative ways to address difficult, complex issues relating to racism and inequalities that speak to both children and adults… Be prepared to cry and laugh (hard) at the same time… Covering everything from mobility, identity confusion, racism, class prejudice and sexism to eating disorders, Liang is able to distill the essence of these difficult and deeply personal experiences and present them in a manner no scholar possibly could. And she does it with superb comic timing. The film is a dynamic viewing experience thanks to director Sofie Calderon and editor Daniel Lawrence… Liang is a master storyteller… Alien Citizen gives voice to what your students already know but are rarely invited to talk about. Indeed, it is a film that you ‘feel’ as much as you see.”

Dr. Danau Tanu, author of Growing Up in Transit, for The EARCOS Triannual Journal

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Podcasts about Multilingualism

The Big Blend

Marielle Khayat

A wonderful listen, rich with perspectives and stories of multilingual experiences. I loved the storytelling and reflections shared that reflect the complexity of being multilingual.

“The podcast about
merging cultures, identity
and transmission.”

The Future is Bilingual


This podcast is dedicated to sharing experiences about learning languages, including interviews with families, experts and sharing resources about topics related to multilingualism.

“We hope to inspire you to join us in making the future more multilingual and multicultural.”

Teaching MLs

Tan Huynh

An excellent podcast series with experts in language teaching and learning. Updated weekly, it offers fantastic resources on a diverse range of pedagogical practices. Really great listening!

“This podcast is for teachers who are passionate about working with multilingual learners. “

Equipping ELLs

Beth Vaucher

This weekly podcast series is dedicated to all teachers of multilingual learners who are learning English.

“Each week you’ll hear tips, strategies, and inspirational stories that will empower you to better reach your ELL students, equip them with life-long skills, and strengthen relationships with colleagues and parents.”