Innovation in Education

Almost two years ago I attended a conference in London called LearnIT; tech focused, it hosted a truly inspiring bunch of innovators and change-makers in the world of education and learning. I found it so motivating to hear the stories and listen to panel discussions from the many diverse voices. Often these highlighted how a simple ideas can transform experiences and impact learning in profound ways. So, when I heard from the HundrED organisation I was fascinated to learn more and find out how to get involved.

HundrEd is a non for profit organisation with a mission to support innovations coming to life and being shared world wide. I loved the emphasis on young people’s voices and leveraging the perspectives and opinions of our students, of all ages, to take action. So, I set up a call for our students to explore how they could become Student Ambassadors. We met virtually online and some of our Primary students stepped up, applied and indeed became Student Ambassadors!

In 2020, I decided I would step up to also become a HundrED Ambassador and I am so glad I did. I was part of the review panel for the HundrED 2021 innovations. It was such an interesting process and so inspiring to read about the unique ways in which change in education is being fostered. I had the opportunity to explore and learn about around 25 different innovations that were nominated to be part of the HundrED 2021 Innovations. I shared my feedback on each innovation and based on all of the feedback from around 150 HundrED Ambassadors the HundrED Research Team then went through a collaborative iterative process to select the final 100 innovations. You can see the final Global collection at the end of this post.

Most of all what I took away from being part of this process was how much I gained from the experience; learning about diverse perspectives, exploring different contexts and developing understanding of the solutions being found to address specific learning needs. I was inspired by the amazing ideas, the commitment to being inclusive and the passion by so many individuals to improve learning for all young people, everywhere. I highly recommend getting involved in HundrED!

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